Thursday, February 7, 2008

Feb. 2008 Newsletter

Cristina-Acosta-Standup-Paddling.jpgDear Friends,

Happy Valentines Day! This is the month we honor love. Like most everybody, I've spent a few bummer Valentines Days over the years. Love I learned is a practice. So is art, prayer, parenting, exercise, eating and most anything else that you participate in with your heart and soul. It all becomes a spiritual practice, and each of us brings our unique presence in the practice of our lives to the world. Lavishing beauty on the world is my way of dealing with the negative news that streams from all around the world into my TV set, computer and radio.Two to Tango.jpg

Sharing beauty motivates me to begin blogging. I've discovered that I enjoy the artistic discipline of blogging. Writing, like painting is both a craft and art. Searching for things to write about is similar to beginning a painting. I sit quietly with my tools at hand, shut my eyes briefly to signal my mind that I'm entering my place of creative flow and begin.

Sometimes that place leads me to history. As a life-long artist, I've done a lot of different types of art jobs to stay housed and fed. For a couple of years I was a billboard painter. Now that it's a lost art, I wrote the essay, Painting Big - My Life as a Billboard Painter, about my history painting the 24' long outdoor ad murals.

All of this writing hasn't left much free time. I invented Santa Fe Chicken Rice for those days that I don't have much motivation in the kitchen. When you're not cooking or otherwise creating, remember to sign up for my blog. Send me your creative comments and questions and I'll answer them on the blog. Whether you're wondering what color to paint a wall, how to teach someone (yourself!) to draw, make a killer cookie or talk about art, I'd love to hear from you.

Live Happy,


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