Friday, May 16, 2008

Ask Cristina: Cork Floor Stairs

Dear Cristina,
Hello, we are about to install Wicanders cork in our living room. I researched flooring off/on for 3 years and kept coming back to cork but was never happy with the urethane finish until I found Wicanders WRT finish.
Question, I noticed you have cork on your stairs. How long has it been installed? How is it holding up? How did the installer match up the noses on the tread to the cork tiles? I really want to expand cork up our stairs. My flooring contractor is willing to experiment, but if he could contact your flooring contractor and 'talk shop', it would be most helpful. Any information you're willing to share would be really helpful.
I live in Oak Ridge TN. Would love to 'swing by' and see your floors but it's a little far. :-)

Thank you, Lois

Dear Lois,
Wicanders Cork Oak with the WRT finish is holding up beautifully on our stairs. We had the Cork Oak put down throughout the entire house (except for Marmoleum in the bathrooms) about one-and-a-half years ago. The installer nailed the floating plank pieces directly to the riser and tread. An artisan woodworker, Terry Scoville made bull-nose trim pieces in white oak to match the trim in the rest of our 20 year old home. Before the bull-nose trim pieces where nailed to the treads, I stained them with a watery artist acrylic I mixed (to mimic the existing stain) then coated them in Benjamin Moore's Benwood Stays Clear acrylic floor sealer (satin finish). We do wear our shoes in the house and our traffic patterns are tight. Nonetheless, the Wicander's Cork Oak has held up beautifully. I highly recommend the flooring.

Best Wishes with Your Project,

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