Friday, April 18, 2008

Vote for the Environment - Timber Pro Coatings

Long before the environment became the latest cool and groovy cause to get behind, there were companies that were working for the cause. Timber Pro Wood Coatings in Portland, Oregon is one such company. This small company specializes in what they call Enviro-Safe wood stains and sealers. Their products are commonly used on log homes and natural wood siding and decking. If you want to preserve cedar or wood trims on the outside of your home, seal a wood deck or log home, this is the stuff. I've even had a color consulting client use Timber Pro wood stain on her interior wood ceiling.

I especially endorse this product because my sister-in-law and brother-in-law, Sheri and Will Steber, own Timber Pro Wood Coatings and I completely admire them for getting on the environmental bandwagon in the 1990's, long before it was the cool thing to do.

Now, these many years later, they are being honored for their commitment to the environment with a nomination for the Green Log Awards. Check out this link and on the right side of the page you'll see a list of building suppliers in several categories that have been honored with a nomination. Here's what the Green Log Awards says their award is all about: "The goal of the Awards Program is to shine a spotlight on those companies and individuals who ... are Building a greener world, one home at a time. It is the collective contributions of individual companies such as the ones we will highlight today that are our greatest hope for the future.”

Timber Pro Coatings company was a pioneer in the enviro-safe coatings market. They've been marketing green and sustainable wood stains and coatings for years. That's why I cast my vote for Timber Pro Coatings.(The voting deadline was extended to May 5th.)

Here's a clip about the contest from the Green Log Awards website:
Last Week to Cast Your Vote for Your Favorite Green Home Solutions Voting for the 2008 GREEN LOG Home & Lifestyle Awards kicked off April 7th.
With votes pouring in, we are excited to see which companies, web sites and products emerge at the top of the list. With the public votes in, some of our esteemed nominees will be elevated to Finalist status!Voting closes on Monday, April 21st so if you haven’t gotten your vote in yet, do so this week! This is your chance to let the public know which companies have the “best of the best” green solutions and which web sites provide the best green information.

As voting closes, the list of Finalists will be sent to an expert advisory panel at Environment News Service. This panel of judges will determine who the 2008 Green Log winners are!

Vote by category now!

For another source list of Green Building suppliers, see In the 1980's (even longer before it was cool), Bruce Sullivan was pitching the planets health. He and his wife Beth Magee developed a web site that is a good source of information regarding anything to do with environmentally sensitive building. Their site is a wonderful resource for green and sustainable products. Included on the site is a book store.

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