Monday, July 21, 2008

Creative Solutions - FootPOWR Gets Us Moving

My uber creative friend, Judy Shasek has developed a new product that will get everyone moving, and I'm excited to share it with you. It's a computer mouse pad that you can stand on. You don't have to use it all day long, just when you want to burn a few calories. If you slip in a game of solitaire (or other computer game) during the work day, use the FootPOWR mouse pad and you'll be up and moving. And if you have kids, the FootPOWR mouse will get them active while they game or even do their homework.

Don't worry -- you don't have to get sweaty and ruin your work clothes. How fast you move is up to you. Even a little extra movement in a day can add up to pounds over the year. Here's what Judy has to say about the FootPOWR pad and office work:

". . . office workers burned on average 180 more calories per hour while using FootPOWR pads for casual games like Bejeweled, AstroPop and Bookworm Adventure than they did while sitting and playing. The gamers wore heart rate monitors and the calorie burn was estimated based on the size of the person and the difference in heart rate measured FootGaming or sitting and playing the same game. There are likely other benefits, too. Research suggests that employees who are more active are often more engaged, healthier -- and happier. Activity helps increase energy and can improve concentration and focus -- important attributes for the office. In theory, FootGaming could also help reduce office stress, since numerous studies show the stress-reduction benefits of walking. If FootGaming can result in employees who need fewer trips to the doctor, the addition of FootGaming breaks throughout the work day could potentially pay for themselves. The idea of moving while doing mental work is not new. It's a skill that early humans had to master to survive. Recent books by Dr. John Ratey, SPARK, and Dr. John Medina, BRAIN RULES, explore that fact that for best brain function, humans are meant to move. If you’d like to learn more about FootGaming at work or at home, please e-mail us for a personal consultation at no charge.

I believe that good health is the foundation for a productive life. Nutrition and movement are the keys, and I'm excited to share with you creative solutions that enable you to make good health the easy choice in your day.

You can learn more about Judy Shasek. Judy is also my surf buddy. Here's a photo of her catching a wave on her Stand Up Paddle board on the Oregon Coast.

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