Friday, October 10, 2008

Creativity is a Family Habit

The best thing about bringing creativity into my family life has been the positive effect it's had on all of us. I'm a proud Mom and ready to share with you the paintings my daughter Isabella Acosta Barna created. They're so good, I wished I did them.

Isabella is a member of the Youth Advisory Board for the Alliance for a Healthier Generation. Here are some paintings she created for their advertising campaign to kids. The goal of The Alliance is to reduce/eliminate childhood obesity. Here's what Isabella has to say about her art work. This text is copied from her blog
I've been making art since I was a baby. My mom would take me to the studio with her, so I was always making things. Now I like to paint using spray cans. The Alliance for a Healthier Generation asked me to make some paintings about playing/exercise and nutrition to use on the Healthier Generation website. They sent me a color palette to use and I bought spray paint in those colors. My mom took me to a art canvas factory and we bought stretched canvases to work on. Here's a photo of me working. I always wear a respirator so that the paint fumes don't hurt my lungs. I use plants, found objects and stencils that I hand cut for my paintings. Here are the 4 oil paintings that I finished for the Alliance for a Healthier Generation. The original paintings are for sale for $300.00 each. All of the paintings are 18" x 24" on stretched canvas and wired on the back. "Spring Swing" is 20" x 24".
The names for the paintings are in order of top to bottom:
1. A New Wave 2.Crossover 3. Is This a Leap Year? 4. Spring Swing

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  1. That's awesome that your daughter is so engaged in arts. She really shows a great talent and earnest appreciation for both art in general and the lessons of life you are teaching her.