Monday, November 24, 2008

Winter White -- Article in Latina Style magazine

White is a year 'round color in home decor. I wrote an interior design article for Latina Style magazine about the color white titled, Painting Your Home with Style, Turning White into Wow! For a couple of years I've been regularly writing a design column called Su Casa (Your Home) that answers decor questions. It's fun and interesting work, and I always learn something new with each article. The next issue of Latina Style will include my article about interior lighting.

This issue is all about white (just in time for snow in the northern climes). Though white is not on the color wheel, when it's used in home decor and interior design, white functions as a color, (which is as good as being a color).

Here are some of my tips about using the wall paint color white from the home decor article:

Mix up the sheens (texture).
Choose a basic eggshell sheen for the majority of surfaces. Mix in other whites in matte and glossy finishes. Play with this idea, using gloss as the basic sheen and matte sheen as the accent (or vice versa).

Layer whites from bright to creamy.
Here’s an example of layering three colors of white: Semi-gloss bright-white trim (cool); matte sheen creamy-white though slightly darker ceilings (warm); with eggshell sheen creamy-white (warm) walls that are slightly darker than the ceiling.

Keep your whites in line with your décor.
Bright whites are a stylish boost in stark modern home designs. Enhance a traditional home with warm whites.

White walls don’t have to be boring when you play tonalities and textures of white together. Try some of these ideas and send me your photos to share on my Web site.


photo courtesy of Benjamin Moore

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