Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Newsletter: December Happy Holidays (from my website www.CristinaAcosta.com)


Winter storms in Oregon and sub-freezing temperatures have covered most of the state in ice and snow. Just now the day is brightened with a sunny break between storms. I'm watching the Juggling Stars.jpgMountain Quail scratch through the snow at the base of my garden bird feeders. The small Nuthatches and larger Jays spill seed as they eat, leaving a scattering of food for the ground-dwelling Quail. They skitter from feeder to feeder leaving trails in the snow.

The national economic and political challenges are affecting everyone. I hope that whatever storms have come into your life this past year, you find a nurturing sunny spot.

When (not "if") I feel stressed reading the stormy news reports, I look for something that enables me to make an immediate positive change. One of my favorite ways to respond to stress is to make something. Writing, painting, decorating (moving things around my house or painting a wall) or cooking are my default creative activities. I've written a master recipe for Breakfast Scones that has a lot of creative options. It's a fun recipe to bake during the Holiday Season.

Warm and Happy Holiday Wishes!


Exhibit Info December / January 2008:

  • Gottshalks department store obtained 2 images from my Spanish Rose Series for their entry foyer in the new Gottshalks in Bend, Oregon. Retablo_Christmas.jpg

  • ASU Arizona State University Museum of Anthropology is exhibiting my 16'6" charcoal drawing, Love Always (Siempre Amor) for their 9th Annual Dia de los Muertos Festival exhibit, Oct. 28, 2008 - Jan. 29, 2009.This beautiful exhibit features Chicano / Chicana art.

  • Central Oregon, High Desert Gallery Sisters, Oregon, is exhibiting my series of Madonna retablos (altars) in their gallery. This beautiful Nativity retablo is part of the exhibit.

Along with painting, I continue to write design articles regularly for Latina Style magazine, and offer color consulting services to home and business owners choosing paint colors in Bend, Oregon. I like sharing home design ideas with clients. Clients save paint, time and money while choosing paint colors for their homes and businesses.

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