Monday, December 1, 2008

Ask Cristina: Which Color Should I Use for the TV Accent Wall?

Dear Cristina, (via my website

I just purchased paint from Benjamin Moore 2159-40 (amber wave) and AC-9 (Nugget). These colors seem too dark. The Benjamin Moore specialist suggested that we use the Nugget as the accent wall. For some reason it doesn't look too good. Can someone suggest a color that will complement (Amber Wave) or a color that we can use as an accent wall with the color (Amber Wave). Oh by the way the room is in the basement and it is the longest wall in which we plan to put the TV on.
Looking for HELP.

Thank you.

From the sound of your note, you're planning on keeping the Benjamin Moore wall paint color, Amber Waves and replace the Nugget. You haven't said anything about your decor, so my advice is a bit of a shot in the dark. Nonetheless, here goes!

I like the color Amber Waves as it's a light and happy gold and would likely be a good choice for a basement color as it's not full of black. The Nugget didn't work because it's a bit blah against the Amber Waves, and the value (the relative lightness or darkness of a color) is too close. Because your accent wall is the TV accent wall in the basement, I'd go for some drama. Here are some deep, rich tones that accent the Benjamin Moore Amber Wave color: Amazon Soil 2115-30 (a beautiful rich and dusky eggplant purple); Pine Cone 2106-30 (a rich warm brown) and Cinnamon 2174-20 (a gorgeous earthy red).

Don't chicken out and choose a blah (in comparison) accent wall color. An accent wall is all about drama -- choose a bold color. Don't worry about the darkness of the color -- the basement is dark already -- put in dramatic color and add lights to highlight any posters, art, or play areas like pool tables and card tables. A lighting expert can help you get dramatic yet practical results. I'd love to see what you ended up doing, send me the before and after photos..

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