Saturday, February 27, 2010

Charcoal and Chalk Drawings of Chili Peppers and a Goose Foot

Pulling from my creative well when I'm painting or creating with any of the other art forms I do seems to be much easier when I remember to fill that well. Drawing is one of those things I do for myself. I like to explore both the mediums and the image. Regardless of how many times I've looked at something or made a drawing of something, each time, there is something new I discover.

Chili peppers from the plant growing in my bedroom window are in a shape that reminds me of a hand. I didn't consciously draw them that way, but I've been spending some time drawing the human hand skeleton (at the local college science lab), so I'm not surprised to see that influence  in this charcoal drawing.

The goose foot was a gift from my friend, Terry Scoville. She's a hunter who shoots only for food. She seems to use everything when she harvests an animal. The foot was shockingly beautiful. It looks so much like a water plant. Terry told me about the circulatory system in the birds feet. What amazing structures.


  1. Absolutely beautiful drawings in their simplicity. Such a gift and talent you have honed throughout your life. Thanks for the mention also.

  2. Your work is free spirited, simple, and beautiful in it's purity! I am an abstract painter...but you have inspired me to return to my roots in drawing. I invite you to visit my website: