Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tolley Marney's Metal Sculptures of the American Western Horse

This past year I reconnected with an old friend, Tolley Marney and learned that during the years we'd lost touch, he'd become an artist. He's a cowboy and farrier who's turned his lifetime love of the cowboy life and horses into a passion for creating gorgeous sculptures of the American western horse. True to his roots, he sometimes incorporates used horseshoes from his shoeing work into his western horse sculptures.

Take a moment to check out Tolley Marney's metal sculptures on his website
Here's an excerpt from Marney's Artist Statement:

"Art is a constant – it never leaves my mind. I don’t think about creativity as much as I always feel its presence blooming and developing into something new.

I create horse sculptures because I’ve interacted with horses all of my life, so I understand the horse and feel a comfort working with its image. The horse is a kindred spirit. Horses are creatures that will do anything in the world for us as long as we ask in the right way.

Heart and soul, they always amaze me. The horse is a reflection of our actions. They are pure and don’t lie. They tell us when we are doing something right and when we aren’t. The process of creating each sculpture has the same truth. . . READ MORE"

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