Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Susan Boyle's Got Talent

Susan Boyle stepped onto the stage for Britains Got Talent show today. Frumpy, 47 years old and volunteering that she'd never been kissed, Boyle unwittingly primed the audience to expect her to fill the "self-deluded wannabe" slot where the Got Talent staff interject awkward contestants for comic relief.

Wow - did Susan Boyle rock the house!! She surprised everyone with her rendition of I Dreamed a Dream, from Les Miserables. Watch her video and see for yourself. I got chills watching Susan realize her dream as she sang the audience to their feet.

When youth and beauty are sliding into the rearview mirror (or are firmly behind us) many of us put our dreams aside and resign ourselves to the "reality" of our lives. Thank you Susan for inspiring all of us to have the courage to reach out to our dreams. May you have a blessed creative career.

Read the BBC article about Susan Boyle for more information.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Bid on this Painting and Help a Non-Profit!

Arts education gives young people not only an opportunity to play with art materials and enjoy their school day, art education develops the creative right hemisphere of the brain. And we need more creative thinkers. The tough challenges in this new economy of global financial troubles paired with the environmental concerns of global climate change predict a future that's going to take a lot of courage and creativity.

The tiny town of Sisters, Oregon (about 20 minutes from Bend, Oregon) has an amazing philanthropic community. The Sister's Folk Festival organization organizers a fund raiser for arts in education called My Own Two Hands. Artist's from the Central Oregon area donate original paintings, sculptures, musical instruments and more for the event.

Because I enjoy the birds visiting my bird feeders, I painted a original acrylic painting in my Paint Happy style titled, Something Wild Outside My Window. My painting is on display at High Desert Gallery (they represent my work locally).

Bid on this painting (or any of the other beautiful pieces by other artists). Not only will you have a beautiful piece of original art and a tax deduction, you will be supporting the arts.
P.S. (After the party) THANK YOU!!! The My Own 2 Hands fundraiser was a fun party. Great music, great food, lots of local art to bid on and best of all -- fun people!! Thank you to the winning bidder of my painting. Your generous bid will support the arts programs in Sisters, Oregon.