Sunday, January 20, 2008

Creative Chili Cookies

Kathy Southwick sent me this picture of her version of my Hot Chocolate Cookies. In my recipe I describe these chocolate and chili pepper cookies as thin. Along with the picture, Kathy shared that though she originally shaped the cookies the way the recipe described, she tried rolling dough balls in granulated sugar, resulting in a rounded thick cookie with a sparkly finish. She assured me, "These are great! One bite and I'm ready to party!" She suggested that serving them with margaritas is even better.

Not only are her cookies great (and yes, they do taste good with margaritas) -- even better is her creativity and confidence in the outcome. I like her idea so much I added Kathy's suggestion to the original recipe. I love it when I know that I've inspired someone to have fun and be creative.

See more of my original recipes on the recipe page of my web site.

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