Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Internet Art Classes, What do YOU Think?

From time to time, I teach workshops and seminars. I began teaching at an early age, teaching skiing and swimming at the local mountain resort in Southern California when I was a teenager. As I grew in my artistry, I taught a variety of art classes and workshops, including a five year stint teaching drawing & painting classes at Central Oregon Community College, in Bend, Oregon.

I also look at my articles and books as the main method with which I continue to teach. Occasionally, I will teach a week-long workshop through Art in the Mountains. I usually base the curriculum on my book Paint Happy!

I've been asked by people in various parts of the world to do on-line art classes. I've wondered exactly how I should structure the classes to best benefit the student. If you have any ideas and/or are interested in this type of instruction, let me know.

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