Wednesday, January 9, 2008

January Newsletter

Cristina_Portrait_Retablo_web.jpgDear Friends,

Happy New Year! The rush and fun of the winter holiday season is behind us and I'm tired of cooking and eating! On that note, my gift to you is a recipe for Brown Sugar Beauty Scrub. Stir fresh mint andAn Angel Whispers Into My Ear.jpg orange zest together with simple ingredients and you are in for a calorie-free treat that will leave you refreshed and ready to act on your inspirations.

The New Year is also a time for resolutions. Team inspiration with imagination to discover and create resolutions that have power and meaning for you. When I make resolutions and plans I like to think about what has positively inspired me. Sometimes inspirations are famous people or events. At other times inspiration is closer to home.

Close to my home and heart is my sister, Alisa Acosta. She recently celebrated her 5 year anniversary after undergoing treatment for cancer. Her dedication to all aspects of good health in the ensuing years inspires everyone who knows her. In the tradition of the Ex-Voto, I painted a Madonna titled La Sirena Verde/The Green Mermaid to celebrate her life and gave it to her during the Christmas holiday. Thank you Alisa for all that you are!

A resolution needs a plan, and a plan involves a practice. Whether that practice is spiritual, physical or fiscal depends upon your resolution. As an artist I've learned that when I consciously practice a creative act, my attitude (and my day!) is often better. I don't have to pick up a paint brush or write an article to be creative. Some days, it's not practical. My practice it to pay attention to beauty in all forms. It's a practice that keeps me connected to myself and the world around me. Those connections are the waters in the well that feed my inspiration.

Though it's about creating a plan for a home project, I want to share with you an article I wrote, Plan for Success. The principles are basic to any successful plan. I'd love to hear from you and learn about yourSirena_Mermaid_Verde.jpg inspirations.

Live Happy,


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