Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sketchbook: Skunk in the Garden

Living close to nature is always interesting. My family and I enjoy the amusing dramas of feisty hummingbirds buzzing each other for dominion over the bird feeder (hey guys -- there are 4 feeding stations - learn to share)! Or, the beauty of young fawns in the spring with their mothers, and much more.

I long ago gave up on the usual flower garden and began xeriscaping, planting drought resistant plants that are native to the area on our 1/2 acre lot near the city center of Bend, Oregon. We put in a couple small water features for the animals and feeding stations for the birds (and squirrels) along with a mineral salt lick (our area is low on selenium.)

There is a downside to all of this nature loving -- and this morning, it's a big stink. Our dog, an intrepid and energetic Rat Terrier named Chelsea finally found the skunk den in the rocks behind our home. Just a few nights ago we saw the skunk happily grazing birdseed under the bird feeders. Like a cow, it moved it's head slowly side to side as it munched for at least an hour, oblivious to the yard light illuminating the area and the sound of our dog barking like crazy inside the house.

Chelsea and the skunk have stayed out each other's way for the past 10 years, but that detente is over. The dog got cocky this morning and now everything stinks -- the dog, the sofa she ran to, the bed, the house -- the smell is everywhere.

So -- we are on the 2nd bath for the dog -- a mixture of hydrogen peroxide, detergent and baking soda. Her next rinse will be tomato juice. My husband is roasting coffee in the oven to get rid of the scent in the house. This may take awhile.

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  1. Ohh Pepe' I told you Fefe is not so sweet! Tomato juice and vinegar is the best recipe to rid Chelsea and your home of Aue de Skunk parfume. Best of luck and I hope Chelsea learned something.