Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Teaching: Are You Ready for a Private Lesson?

If you're ready to really focus on your art process, it may be time for a private lesson. Unlike music lessons, most art lessons are group lessons. Learning in a group is wonderful because you learn a lot seeing how other students have handled the painting lesson for the day.

There is a time though when you may need some one-on-one time to get things clarified. You'll get the most out of a private lesson when you have a specific idea of what you want to accomplish. Here are a few reasons why you would be ready for a private lesson:
  • You are having a block and need to get over it.
  • Certain concepts aren't making sense to you. Example: How to create the illusion of volume; why should I care about "lost and found" edges; what really makes a painting "flat" or "deep" etc.
  • You're ready to try a new medium and want some help from an expert.
  • The expert you admire has a technique you want to learn.
  • Etc.
Occasionally, I teach private lessons to artists who are visiting Bend and want a few hours of instruction. Lynn Hanson, an artist from Washington visited this summer. One of her goals was to learn how to create a flowing composition, both in the conceptual/idea sense of the word and in the physical composition. She accomplished her goal beautifully. Here's a photo of her with her finished painting.

When you're ready for private lessons, call or email me and we can talk about your goals and prices. 541-388-5157 or
You can read more about my teaching at

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