Thursday, January 8, 2009

Home Design -- Color Choices are Part of a Melody Line

Have you ever found yourself looking at 2 or more paint colors or other home decor colored items and been completely confused as to which color is the best choice?
Recently, I was working with a color consulting client when a concept came up regarding how to use color to accent part of the architecture. We were discussing the idea of either using a deep lush red that cross-pollinated with another accent red surface in the room, or choosing a color that cross-pollinated with a subtle green in that same room.

The issue wasn't which color would be "best", though that would seem to be the question. The real question was, "How does this color work with the melody line of color we've already established?"

The answer to that question has to take into account a variety of design elements: warm vs. cool color balance, texture balance, and the age old question, "How much is "enough?" We decided that considering the other colors, shapes and textures in the home, the subtle green was the best choice. Why that color choice answer surfaced is due to a web of interior design concerns that are beyond the scope of this blog entry.

My point is that you need to be aware that every color in your home that links to another color is part of an overall melody line of color. Keep that concept in mind when you get stuck between 2 color choices.

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