Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Learning About Printmaking at Atelier 6000

In a world beset with problems and challenges, there is more than one way to give back. Pat Clark, owner of the printmaking studio Atelier 6000 (aka A6) in Bend, Oregon, is not only a master print maker and artist, she's a master at giving back.

Pat retired from the UC system and moved to Bend a few years ago and opened her printmaking studio. Artists of all levels are encouraged to join A6. There are classes offered in addition to the free membership class once per month. And often, many of the artists are more than happy to share a few tips to get you started. They are a generous crowd. Here's an excerpt from the website introducing  Atelier 6000:

Patricia Clark, owner/manager, is an established Master Printmaker Artist Teacher. She is the former executive director of Idyllwild School of Music and the Arts (ISOMATA) and has held full professorships at USC, CSU Long Beach and the University of Wisconsin, River Falls. Clark also directed numerous summer arts programs for teachers through the University of Southern California and California State University, Long Beach. She is a graduate of Cranbrook Academy of Art.

In an increasingly digital art world, Atelier 6000 provides space, instruction, tools and materials for artist teachers and students to make and develop works of art exclusively by hand.

A6 is foremost a place for learning. It embodies the spirit of the traditional atelier, or studio-workshop, where students learn directly from master artist teachers. Master Printmaker Patricia Clark and numerous gust artist teachers offer all levels of classes and workshops in printmaking, drawing, design, the book arts and art collecting. All of our classes are offered. . . . . READ MORE

I've been printmaking there for about 3 months now and am just starting to feel like I am getting some flow into my process. Thanks to Pat and the generosity of my fellow artists at the studio, I'm beginning to make progress. I've learned that creating hand made prints can range from exacting to free-form, and that the process encourages me to see and feel images differently. I love it! If you're at all interested in learning something new in the arts, whether you're a beginner or somewhere else in your artistic life, I encourage you to visit Atelier 6000 (visit this link for membership fees) and take a class or if you're in Bend for a while to join.

Photos:  These monoprints are part of my series of work I title Siempre Amor, Love Always.  Two monoprints -- one is the "ghost" of the other. These mark a breakthrough for me in understanding the medium. I'm excited to continue exploring.


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